PRKA connects drivers to hosts, where users can get to their destination as efficiently as possible and can lease out their parking spots as securely as possible. So come on, download and install the app to become a PRKA.


How it works

It's insanely easy to get started

1 Install

Simply download the PRKA App from the Play store of App Store.

2 Book A Spot

Type in your desired destination and search near by parking spots that suit your needs.

3 Pay & Park

Simply pay for the parking for the time your scheduled to arrive. Faster, Cheaper, PRKA.

Lots of Features

The PRKA app gives users a range of exciting features that delivers a true end-to-end journey. Search, Drive and Park with ease.
Feature 1
Enter the destination, adjust your time of departure for when you plan on leaving and how long you would like to park for.
Feature 2
See a range of parking locations around your destination that are available for how long you need it and when you are expected to arrive there. The GPS will route you to your destination via your selected parking spot.
Feature 3
Information about the parking spot you selected- security features, price, photos of the spot, and breakdown of travel time.

Lease your parking space

Demand for parking is increasing everyday. PRKA allows hosts- with just a few easy steps- to list their parking space and meet this ever-growing market.

Create Your Account

Add Your Parking Spot

Accept Booking and Earn


Partnering with Metakey

Metakey provides the latest technology for parking security solutions which allows hosts and users to monitor and enter a variety of parking spaces. The devices give hosts the ability to give access to customers as a unique one-time code is generated per user. So don’t worry about security, trust in Metakey.

Download PRKA

The PRKA app is now available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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